Ancestry by Heir Line offers a thorough genealogy research service - we discover fascinating family stories from the past rather than just provide clients with names and dates on a piece of paper.  Our narrative reports and beautiful Storybooks really bring the past to life again, preserving a written record of your family history for you and your family to experience for years to come.  

The detailed, personalised Family History Report that you will receive contains specific information about your ancestors, giving you the chance to visit, at your leisure:

     •       The towns, villages and cities, and even countries, where your ancestors were from.

     •       The churches and cathedrals where they were baptised and married.

     •       Any relatives who you may have lost touch with, or even new cousins who you may never have met before.

     •       The graveyards where your ancestors were buried, and perhaps you could even find their headstones.

     •       The houses and streets where your direct and indirect ancestors lived and worked.  You may even discover a quaint country inn or a thriving cosmopolitan 5* hotel that was once owned by your family, giving you the perfect excuse to pay a visit!

To walk in the footsteps of your ancestors is a truly remarkable adventure, and makes a unique gift experience for any loved one.  So, order a family history research package, receive your Storybook, and enjoy the journey!

Once you have commissioned your research, Ancestry by Heir Line, can offer you three unique and fantastic ways to display your family history, each containing a wealth of information about your direct and indirect ancestors:

1.   Narrative Family History Reports and Statistical Reports, illustrated and presented in springback folders.

2.   Unique hand-bound, gold-embossed Storybooks, charting your ancestry.  These come with A3 pull-out family trees and even a full colour family photograph album!

3.   Beautiful ready-to-frame family trees, printed on large paper.

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“I can’t believe how much my dad loves your report.  He’s now planning to go to the places his ancestors were buried to find their gravestones!!  Cheerful!”  

- Ms. Helen Talbot, Oulton, West Yorkshire.

“You’ve done such a great job! You really do something special for people & their families.”

- Ms. A. Collett, Australia.

"Michael did a fantastic job in his research of our family in England, Wales and Ireland! The research was thorough, professional and we received reports on his research progress very quickly. I was extremely impressed with the way his research brought our ancestors to life. Not only was he able to find the "barebones" of genealogical information such as birth dates, marriages, parents and children, but he found interesting details that added "flesh" to the skeleton and helped us understand these ancestors lives and even (I think) their character. I would highly recommend Michael and Heir Line for any genealogy research in the UK!"

- Dr. Steven W. Hammond, M.D., Montana, USA.

Read more client testimonials here.

Whether you have already mde a start on your family tree, or you are starting completely from scratch, contact Michael J. Rochford for more information about having your family history researched!

Look no further!  At Ancestry by Heir Line, we offer personalised family history gift certificates.  As these are completely unique to you, they are available to purchase in any value and can be redeemed against any of our five research packages or hourly ancestry services.  Alternatively, they can be put towards a Family History Report or Storybook.  Contact Michael to place your order today.


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