...Preserving a Written Record of Your Past...
...Preserving a Written Record of Your Past...
...2. Storybooks...
...1. Family History Report...
...1. Family History Report...

About Your Report

When you order one of our research packages, your ancestry will be recorded in a highly detailed and informative report, written from scratch by one of Heir Line’s professional genealogists and writers.  This comes with an accompanying family tree, as well as extracts from parish records and other relevant documents, often containing the signatures of your ancestors. 

The whole is printed and presented in a neat springback folder, embossed with gold lettering on the front, and can be many pages long, depending on the chosen package.  The folders come in red, green, blue, purple, black, or a leather-finish brown, and can be opened up for additional research to be added at a later date.  A photograph of the different coloured folders are below.

Your report comes free of charge with any research package, and personalised copies, in the name of any other family member, are available to purchase upon request.  These make unusual gifts and keepsakes which can be passed down for future generations to enjoy.

Contents of the Storybook


A stylish pull-out family tree, showing your direct ancestors, is included at the front of your Storybook to help get you started!

Your Family History Report

A full and thorough narrative report telling the story of your ancestors.  (This will already have been researched and written by Ancestry by Heir Line as part of a research package or hourly commission.)


An introduction to your statistical report, which outlines all the notable events that happened in your ancestors’ lives.


Paternal and/or maternal family trees which show the names of your direct relations.


A detailed explanation of who your direct and indirect ancestors were, including information about living relations.


Bite-size family tree charts, broken down into easy-to-digest family groups.


What your ancestors did for a living will be included within the report.  You will also receive an alphabetical list of all the job titles in your family history and the years in which your ancestors were working.


Exact postal addresses of your ancestors (if these have been recorded) will be included within your Storybook.


A detailed explanation showing how the recipient of the book is related to everybody in their family tree.


An index of all the people in your research, including reference numbers so that they can be followed through the statistical report.


An alphabetical index of the places where your ancestors and relatives were born, baptised, married, lived, worked, died and were buried.  Also included are the churches where baptisms, marriages and burials took place (providing these records are available to us).


A chronological index of the dates of notable events that occurred in your family history.


We will print up to ten family photographs and include captions underneath explaining who is in each picture.  If you do not have access to any photographs then we will aim to provide images of the streets, buildings or towns where your ancestors lived.

Optional Extra:

Transcriptions of Wills

If your ancestors were wealthy, they may have written a Last Will and Testament.  These are often fascinating documents, revealing all sorts of information about their lives, their closest relatives, and, of course, their most treasured possessions.  Please note: copies of wills incur small additional charges.

Optional Extra:

A3 Pull-Out Maps

Where did your ancestors live?  It may be possible to trace historic maps showing the streets, the towns, and cities where your ancestors once lived.  Do these streets still exist, or has the landscape changed in the past decades?  Please note: copies of maps incur small additional charges.

...2. Storybooks...

About Your Storybook

£195 per copy

Now available in

‘This Is Your Life’ Red


Authentic Olde-World Brown!

If you have ordered one of our research packages then you may wish to upgrade your free Family History Report to a beautiful, hand-bound, hardback Storybook instead. 

Complete with your name in gold embossed lettering on the front and spine, the Storybook contains your narrative report, (as detailed above), plus:

  1. Bullet A thorough statistical report, containing dozens, if not hundreds of pages

  2. ...1. Family History Report... An A3 pull-out family tree

  3. ...1. Family History Report... A family photograph album

The full Storybook contents are outlined on the right.  These beautiful books are an ideal way to document your family’s history, and can be read and enjoyed for generations to come.

Your research will be kept on file, should other members of your family like to order their own personalised copy of the Storybook.  They make ideal gifts for those loved ones who are difficult to buy for, and provide a thrilling experience for all the family to share!

...1. Family History Report...

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...1. Family History Report...

“I am so delighted with the Storybook!!!  It looks amazing and you have done such a fantastic job!  Thank you so much for all your hard work!  I am really looking forward to reading it as I know my parents are too.”

- Ms. Maria Jones, International Opera Singer.

“I can’t believe how much my dad loves your report.  He’s now planning to go to the places his ancestors were buried to find their gravestones!!  Cheerful!” 

- Ms. Helen Talbot, Oulton, West Yorkshire.

...1. Family History Report...
...1. Family History Report...
Contact us for a quote.  It can’t hurt.
Why not contact us for a quote?
Looking for a Perfect Gift?
Contact us for a quote.  It can’t hurt.
Why not contact us for a quote?

Professional genealogy company, Ancestry by Heir Line, can offer you two unique and fantastic ways to display your family history, each containing a wealth of information about your direct and indirect ancestors:

  1. Watch our Storybook Showcase Video to view the product:Narrative Family History Reports, illustrated and presented in springback folders

  1. Looking for a Perfect Gift?Unique hand-bound, gold-embossed Storybooks

To receive one of these stunning genealogy products, you can commission Ancestry by Heir Line to research your family tree for you.  Click here to find out more about the research services we offer.

Why not contact us for a quote?
Watch our Storybook Showcase Video to view the product:

At Ancestry by Heir Line we offer personalised family history gift certificates.  As these are completely unique to you, they are available in any value, and can be redeemed against a Family History Report or Storybook.  Alternatively they can be put towards any one of our research packages or hourly family history services.  Click here to find out more about our family history gift vouchers, or contact Michael to place your order today.

Watch our Storybook Showcase Video to view the product:
Watch our Storybook Showcase Video to view the product:
Watch our Storybook Showcase Video to view the product: