Ancestry by Heir Line has an exceptional track record of locating missing people.  Recently we reunited a family with a long lost sister who they had not been in contact with for over 30 years.  

We have also had remarkable success with locating birth families for adopted people, and were recently fortunate enough to trace the whereabouts of a client’s birth mother... who was alive and well at 104 years old!

Heir Line is a professional, thorough and experienced family-run business with a growing reputation across the globe for being at the top of their profession.

Michael and Caroline Rochford are a young, enthusiastic and highly skilled team with exceptional IT skills, allowing them to find and interpret a wide range of records quickly and easily.  With access to millions of genealogical records from across the globe, they have tracked down countless individuals and knocked down hundreds of annoying “brick walls” that had cropped up in their clients’ research.  

We work in blocks of three, five or ten hours depending on your project.  At the end of each block we provide you with a full and detailed report, outlining our findings.  You are then welcome to commission further blocks of research, if necessary.  



People often contact Ancestry by Heir Line because they wish to trace people who they have lost touch with such as long lost family members or friends.  We may even be able to help to trace birth relatives for people who have been adopted, so long as a little bit of information is known to help get us started.  

In addition, we work for legal professionals who wish to make contact with people regarding cases of probate, intestate estates, or other legal matters.  We offer an address look-up service to anybody wishing to locate an elusive person.

If you would like to make contact with somebody, be it a long lost relative, a birth parent, birth sibling, or a distant cousin who you may never have met before, it is our company policy to protect the privacy of the individual you wish to contact.  As a responsible data controller, we always make initial contact with the person being sought.  If we are able to trace their current address, we will forward any correspondence to them on your behalf, including your contact details so that they can get in touch directly with you, if they wish.

Heir Line Ltd. is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Data Protection), registration number Z2074628.

“The most exciting part of the tree was discovering my long lost cousin.  I’m dying to speak to them and meet up.  I just can’t believe it - you are fantastic, did you know that? You have changed my life.”

- Mrs. Pepworth, Bridlington, UK

“You’ve done such a great job and we thank you so much.  You really do something special for people and their families.”

- Ms. A. Collett & family, Australia


Tracing Long Lost Family Members

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