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Michael and Caroline Rochford are a young, enthusiastic and highly skilled team with exceptional IT skills, allowing them to find and interpret a wide range of records quickly and easily.  With access to millions of genealogical records from across the globe, they have tracked down countless individuals and knocked down hundreds of annoying “brick walls” that had cropped up in their clients’ research.  

Between them they have written several history books based entirely on what they've discovered during their careers.  Click here to read more about their current and forthcoming titles!



Above: IrishCentral, 11th March 2015.  Hold the front page!  Caroline Rochford’s amazing true story about a barefoot boy from Dublin who almost thwarted the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 (top right, above) was featured on this great American/Irish news website, and was shared via social media more than 2,000 times!  It’s a story of war and adventure, spanning the whole of the 20th century.  Paddy’s tale starts in Dublin in 1912, the year the Titanic sank.  Before he knows it, he is enrolled with the British Army and is sent across the world, from Ireland to England, where he guards the royal family at Buckingham Palace, and then on to the Middle East during World War II.  Click here to read the full story.

Above: Discover Your Ancestors, January 2015.  Michael J. Rochford writes about one of his client’s fascinating ancestors, known to history as The Darfield Flier.  Thought the Tour De France was full of drama, and the Tour De Yorkshire was action packed?  Our modern cyclists pale into insignificance compared to this cycling champion of the 19th century!

Above: An interview on Talk Radio Europe, a Spanish station, recorded on 13th April 2015.  Caroline Rochford discusses her latest history book, “Great Victorian Discoveries: Astounding Revelations and Misguided Assumptions”.

Above: The Daily Express, 16th April 2015.  Caroline Rochford’s latest book, Great Victorian Discoveries.  The article discusses the dog that could read; how to keep warm at night by wearing newspapers; the invention of the 24-hour clock; the remedy for asthma, and may other bizarre and brilliant Victorian notions.  Click here to read the full article online.

Above: Article from the Tuam Herald, Wednesday 15th April 2015.  Sheron Boyle writes about her family history, explaining how Michael Rochford helped her to uncover a fascinating story about her Irish grandmother - who almost boarded the Titanic!

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Above: BBC History Extra (online magazine), 29th April 2015.  It was an age of experimentation and innovation, when the steamship, the telephone and the camera were born.  But the Victorian period also saw a number of more unusual discoveries.  In her new book, Great Victorian Discoveries: Astounding Revelations and Misguided Assumptions, Caroline Rochford examines some of the incredible findings made across the world between 1875 and 1895.  Click here to read the full article online.

Above: The Daily Mail Online, 1st May 2015.  A tongue-in-cheek feature about Caroline Rochford's quirky history book, Great Victorian Discoveries.  From "life" on Mars to the unearthing of the mysterious Nampa Figurine, the article discusses some of the most bizarre theories and discoveries from the late 19th century.  Click here to read the full story online.

Above: The Western Australian Genealogical Society's newsletter, Western Ancestor, March 2016.  Bev Russell, WAGS Research Officer, writes about one of Heir Line's most intriguing family history cases.  Paul Beetham, a Yorkshire businessman, sought the help of Michael Rochford (described in the article as "an excellent genealogist in Yorkshire") to help trace the ancestry of his late grandmother, Alice Brockman.  A truly inspiring tale!