You can either commission Ancestry by Heir Line on an hourly basis if you have specific requirements, or you can purchase one of our fantastic, thorough family tree research packages.  An ideal gift for a loved one!  Click here for more information about our research services.

Unique hand-bound, gold-embossed Storybooks, containing a detailed report about your ancestors - who they were and what sort of lives they led.  The books also contain pull-out family trees, a family photograph album and much more!  A perfect keepsake to pass down through the generations.


Meet the ancestors in your family tree

“The Best...  Outstanding... Unbelievable...  Fantastic... Genius...”

...are just a few of the words used by clients to describe their experiences with the professional genealogy company, Ancestry by Heir Line.  We are a small and friendly family-run business with a proven track record and a reputation across the globe for being at the very top of our profession.  

Be it local, national or international work, no family history project is too large or small for Michael and Caroline Rochford, Ancestry by Heir Line’s young and talented professional genealogists who are at the cutting edge of modern technology.  Whatever your requirements are, (from family history/probate research to a fantastic family tree gift), we can help!

Receiving a personalised book packed with information about your family history is an emotional and often life-changing experience.  Learning all about your ancestors - the places they lived, the jobs they did, and where they worked - is a thrilling journey.  What are you waiting for?  Commission a professional genealogist through Ancestry by Heir Line today!

Ancestry by Heir Line is the recommended British history research company by Heather MacAlister (a genealogist for South Africa’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” family tree TV show).

Family History Research

Commission Ancestry by Heir Line's professional genealogists to trace your family tree, either from scratch or from

a specific starting point.


     Are You a Genealogist?

Researching your own family tree?

Whether you are a professional genealogist or hobbyist, we can

conduct local research for you, (such as at the West Yorkshire Archive Service or the Borthwick Institute in York), or

simply help you to get past those annoying brick

walls!  We can also transcribe old, hard

to read documents such as Tudor

wills and court rolls!


Family Tree Presentation

Ancestry by Heir Line can transform your family tree into a sumptuous hand-bound book, packed with fascinating

information.  An ideal keepsake to treasure and

share with your whole family.


A Lasting Experience

Much more than just a family tree!  Commission Ancestry by

Heir Line's professional genealogists and

experience your history!


Published History Books

Heir Line’s researchers, Caroline and Michael J. Rochford, have

written fun and quirky history books based on their

rummages into the past!


Heir Line in the News!

There is an ever-growing media interest in our amazing family

history stories.  Click the link above for recent newspaper

articles or wander through our vaults of archived

news from 2011/2012 and 2013/2014!


Probate Research

We work for legal professionals on probate-related cases - tracing

missing beneficiaries; locating birth, marriage or death

certificates; searching the electoral roll;

consulting property deeds, etc.


Tracing Service

Ancestry by Heir Line can help to trace long lost relatives and

friends, or even put you in touch with relatives you

have never met!


Family History Gifts

Looking for a unique, personalised gift?

Ancestry by Heir Line offers family history gift certificates; ready-to-frame family trees; old maps from the past,

showing what our towns and streets used to

look like; old photograph restoration

services, and more.


Client Testimonials

Find out what recent clients from all over the world thought of their experiences with Ancestry by Heir Line.


Contact Ancestry by Heir Line

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Michael J.


BA (hons) MA:

Internationally Acclaimed Genealogist, Writer & History Researcher

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Ancestry by Heir Line's family history Storybook



Genealogy is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, thanks in part to popular TV shows such as the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? and, of course, period dramas such as Downton Abbey.  After all, everybody longs to know whether their ancestors were from “upstairs” or “downstairs”!

Genealogy is a fascinating subject, but exceptionally time consuming and often difficult and frustrating.  That’s what we are here for!    Not only can we successfully interpret historical records and trace hundreds of your ancestors, we are also able to delve much further into history, offering you a glimpse into your past.  In short, we can provide you with an enlightening experience that can change your life.  

You may learn some surprising things about your heritage, and even meet the skeletons that were once locked tightly away in the closet!


The 'Life-Changing' Professional Genealogy Company


"I would highly recommend Michael for any genealogy research in the UK!"

- Dr. Steven W. Hammond, M.D., Montana, USA.



BA (hons):

Genealogist, Graphic Designer and Published Author

Michael J. Rochford is signed to A for Authors Literary Agency, based in London.

"You guys rock!!! You are very professional in your approach. I have been more than happy with your service."

- Lesley W., Melbourne, Australia.

Caroline Rochford is a member of the Society of Authors and she is represented by Rebecca Winfield at David Luxton Associates lilterary agency in London.