Caroline Rochford set up Heir Line Ltd. in 2009 along with her husband, Michael, and works as a genealogist, writer and designer for the company.

She helps Michael with the family history research packages, and enjoys nothing more than discovering long lost stories from the past.  This led her to write a series of books all about the quirky and fascinating discoveries she’s made during her career.

When she’s not working on her history books, Caroline is heavily involved in writing the narrative reports for clients who wish to commission hourly research into their family history.  At the end of each block of hours, clients receive a personal, narrative report outlining Heir Line’s findings, along with an accompanying family tree, designed by Caroline.  So, for a perfect gift idea, why not commission Heir Line’s published author to write about your family’s ancestors?

With a first class degree in Graphic Arts and Design, Caroline also specialises in designing the Family History Storybooks. She can restore old and damaged photographs to their former glory, including colouring in black and white or sepia photographs!


Caroline Rochford BA (hons)




Manygates, Wakefield, West Yorkshire


Caroline is three quarters English and a quarter Welsh.  Almost half of her mother’s ancestors came from Wakefield, so Caroline considers herself to be truly Yorkshire!  She has some fascinating Wakefield ancestors in her family tree, including councillors, master mariners, and sea captains.  They certainly had some amazing stories to tell, involving adventures in faraway lands, mutinies on the high seas, shipwrecks, and a terrifying accident when one of her ancestors fell from the crow’s nest!  Unable to return to a life on the ocean waves, he joined forces with his landlubber brother, Joe Hargrave, (a compassionate Justice of the Peace and budding entrepreneur), and set up a thriving, high-class ladies’ clothes shop in Wakefield called Hargrave Brothers - very similar to the BBC’s The Paradise, or ITV’s Mr. Selfridge!


About 1594, when Rodulphus Harrison, her 11 x great grandfather, was born!


Leeds Metropolitan University: Bachelor of Arts Degree (first class)


Member of the Society of Authors

and represented by Rebecca Winfield at David Luxton Associates Literary Agency


Great Victorian Inventions: Novel Contrivances & Industrial Revolutions - published summer 2014 by Amberley

Great Victorian Discoveries: Astounding Revelations and Misguided Assumptions - published spring 2015 by Amberley

In a Guardsman's Boots: A Boy Soldier's Adventures, from the Streets of 1920s Dublin to Buckingham Palace, WWII and the Egyptial Revolutions - published spring 2016 by Pen & Sword

Forgotten Songs and Stories of the Sea: A Treasury of Voices from our Maritime Past - published autumn 2016 by Pen & Sword

Future titles: in production!  Keep checking back for updates!


When she’s not writing, Caroline loves good food, going to the theatre, drawing and taking her dog for walks in the countryside.  She and Michael recently had their first child, so the pair of them are kept very busy indeed - but they love it!


Using all available primary sources, Michael and Caroline will complete your research project to the highest possible standard.  Their sources include (but are by no means limited to):

•      Wills (Ecclesiastical Courts and Probate Registries)

     •     UK & Irish Parish records

     •     International Church Records

     •     Military records

     •     Archived newspapers

     •     1841 - 1911 UK census returns

     •     1851, 1901 & 1911 Irish census returns

     •     Poll Books

     •     Land Tax Returns

     •     Visitations

     •     Peerage Records

     •     General Register Office records

     •     Historical and current Electoral Rolls

     •     Genealogical indexes

     •     Information provided by living relatives

     •     A collection of Historical Trade Directories

     •     Relevant textbooks

•     A private library of rare and antique books

•     Newsreels from the 1930s onwards

     •     Historical maps

Whatever your requirements, contact Ancestry by Heir Line for an informal discussion about your project.



Caroline's first non-fiction book, “Great Victorian Inventions: Novel Contrivances & Industrial Revolutions”, is a fun and illustrated exploration of the weird, wonderful and long-forgotten inventions that were dreamed up in the 19th century.  Her follow-up, “Great Victorian Discoveries: Astounding Revelations and Misguided Assumptions”, was released in April 2015, and both books are available to purchase worldwide through Amazon, Waterstones and other major bookstores.  Following the success of these titles, she was approached by Pen & Sword, who invited her to write for them.  

Caroline's third book is based on a true story chronicling the 20th century.  "In a Guardsman's Boots" was published in April 2016; and the American news website IrishCentral commissioned Caroline to write about her book.  Her article is about her husband’s late grandfather, an ordinary man who led an extraordinary life.

In November 2016, "Forgotten Songs and Stories of the Sea" was published by Pen & Sword, offering an entertaining and insightful glimpse into British naval history.  It was listed in Sea Breezes magazine as one of the top 10 maritime books of 2017.

Caroline is brimming with book ideas, and is currently working on future titles based around her historical findings.  Click here to read more about Caroline's literary works, inspired by the fascinating stories she unearths during her genealogy work.



Genealogist, Designer & Published Author

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