Caroline Rochford is the author of the following non-fiction history books:

Great Victorian Inventions: Novel Contrivances and Industrial Revolutions

Published by Amberley in July 2014.

Great Victorian Discoveries: Astounding Revelations and Misguided Assumptions

Published by Amberley in April 2015.

Heir Line is a professional, thorough and experienced family-run business with a growing reputation across the globe for being at the top of their profession.

Michael and Caroline Rochford are a young, enthusiastic and highly skilled team with exceptional IT skills, allowing them to find and interpret a wide range of records quickly and easily.  With access to millions of genealogical records from across the globe, they have tracked down countless individuals and knocked down hundreds of annoying “brick walls” that had cropped up in their clients’ research.  

There is an ever-growing media interest in Heir Line’s brilliant family history stories.  You can read some recent newspaper articles and book reviews or wander through our vaults of archived news, features and reviews from 2011/2012 and 2013/2014!



Michael J. Rochford is the author of the following non-fiction history books:

Wakefield Then & Now: Extraordinary Tales from the Merrie City

Published by Pen & Sword in September 2016.

Tales from the Big House: Nostell Priory - 900 Years of its History and People

Published by Pen & Sword in July 2018.

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Michael, Heir Line's professional genealogist and historian, regularly writes articles for the genealogy press, including Discover Your Ancestors and Family Tree magazine.  He loves sharing stories he’s uncovered about the remarkable lives his clients’ ancestors led, as well as helping to solve readers’ problems with their own research.

Early in 2015 he was commissioned by the history publishers, Pen & Sword, to write a non-fiction history book about his home city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, a place steeped in industrial history.  Following its success, the publishers released his second book, about the history and forgotten stories (not to mention scandals) of Nostell Priory, in West Yorkshire.  A follow-up title is to be published in 2019.  It is based on the 18th-century recipe and remedy book of one of the former occupants of Nostell Priory, featuring illustrations by Caroline Rochford.

On the fiction side, Michael has written his first historical novel.  The book is set soon after European settlers began making Western Australia their home.  Based on a true story that Michael unravelled using his meticulous research skills, this incredibly moving tale of adventure and discovery spans four generations, three centuries, two continents, and explores what happens when opposing cultures collide.  Michael is currently in discussions with publishers.

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Caroline works for Heir Line as a designer and family historian.  Her historical discoveries are the inspiration behind her writing, and she is currently working on an exciting new series of history books.  She is represented by Rebecca Winfield, a London-based literary agent at David Luxton Associates.  Keep checking back for updates!

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